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Cyclo Extrablack
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Cyclo Black
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Cyclo Bold
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Cyclo Bold Italic
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Cyclo Book
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Cyclo Italic

Cyclo Expert Pack

As the philosopher and typographer GeofAs the philosopher and typographer Geoffroy Tory considered during the “Renaissance”, each character can be drawn by a circle and a straight line. The Cyclo font develops that visionary rule in a modernist and radical way. Cyclo" is appropriate for any use (titles, subtitles, chapters or blocks of text), and may effectively support the visual identity of your project.“Expert pack” contains the 6 essential versions of Cyclo family (different widths, italic or regular). “Fantasy pack” offers 5 aesthetic variations around Cyclo, and 2 « alternate » versions (regular & bold) of the Cyclo concept : more ring-shaped glyphs, accents and punctuation signs. “Complete pack” contains all existing Cyclo version.

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