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Sabor Beveled
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Sabor Italic
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Sabor Rasgos Escritura
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Sabor Shadow
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Sabor Trash
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Sabor Words

Sabor Complete Pack

Sabor is a voluptuous upright connected display font with mixed taste of script fonts. There were many inspirations for Sabor, but all started with a book from the 1950s about the battles of World War II. To that first sketches of a naive dense display typeface we, day by day, start to create a mixed style evolving some lettering concepts from 1950s, some calligraphy notions and the first display ideas. The feeling of this font is good to be used in many artworks, like logos, packaging, party invitations, layouts for t-shirts, magazine headings, and much more, since websites to and all kind of printed jobs.

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Intellecta Design